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CALAF COMMUNICATIONS is in the business of helping your business grow in a multicultural consumer environment. It is a marketing bridge between the Latino market and your business. By providing a range of marketing, promotion and communications services, CALAF COMMUNICATIONS will connect your product with the fastest growing niche market, the Hispanic/Latino consumer.

Our Services:

MARKETING - CALAF COMMUNICATIONS uses culturally and linguistically appropriate market research techniques to develop a strategic plan that meets your market needs. From needs assessment tools and focus groups, to formulating opportunities to showcase your product in a series of ethnic outreach campaigns, we will serve your company to both increase yoru market share and foster better community relations.

COMMUNITY RELATIONS - CALAF COMMUNICATIONS provides a comprehensive communications plan tailor to your company's public understanding dimension. We develop short and long-term strategic plans which provides direct and indirect connections to your company's public image, opportunities for joint promotions and network resources in your target Hispanic/Latino communities.

PUBLICITY and MEDIA - CALAF COMMUNICATIONS creates with your team marketing campaigns as well as provide community, public and media relations and publicity services for your company inthe Spanish/Latino market both in the U.S. and abroad.

DIVERSITY and CULTURAL COMPETENCY - CALAF COMMUNICATIONS facilitates the process of discovering the benefits of Diversity and within the "Diversity" of the Hispanic/Latino market. Our team works with your team in building the infrastructure for change and managing Diversity. Your company can strive to become culturally competent in the implementation of policy, operational systems and staff management resources in building a workplace that incorporates Diversity as part of the mission and working principles of the organization.

EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP - CALAF COMMUNICATIONS can assist you with making your leadership team develop cohesiveness and opportunity in addressing cultural strategic alliances in recruitment, services and marketing opportunities whether your organization is a higher education, or elementary or secondary education level leader.